APR 2020


So far, all my gigs are cancelled as of  March 17th, 2020. I will update this listing immediately if any more gigs are cancelled in May and June.

Everyone makes their own personal choices about their risk tolerance, in context with their responsibilities and their own understanding of "social distancing".

However, if you feel sick or fevered or congested or have been exposed to someone who has recently traveled or has symptoms, PLEASE be considerate to others and feel free to isolate yourself for 14 days to limit the risk to those with impaired infection responses.

You know music has always been the great stress reliever for most of us, so turn to your purchased vinyl, your CD's, your hard drive, or go buy a track from your favourite obscure artist. If you can, resist the urge to stream, as artists make approximately $0.00 from that.


Most musician's have no replacement for Live Performance revenue, so they will appreciate your support through your purchased direct track downloads of their music and your subscription to their various services and channels. Don't forget about them in these "no public performance" times!!

Peace and Health to us all...




Songs added in the past 60 days.

Just "click" on the song you want to hear and you can "Live Request" right to the stage!! Cool, eh?


I'm always adding new songs.  Let me know if you have a song suggestion!!