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Artists/Bands from the 1972 who I cover.

There is a lot of great music out there, but some years were special... For me, 1972 was one

of those years; second half of grade 9, first half of grade 10, 15 years old, first summer job working at an outdoor pool (SO much FUN!!) and just starting to seriously play guitar after messing around since grade 7. My Dad bought me my own guitar (an Espana 6 String) in the summer of '72 so I didn't have to aggravate my older brother Joe by using his guitar (a Framus 12 String!!) all the time. Also the year my Mom passed away after a long illness, so music became a place of refuge, self help and healing.


To this day, the hits of CHUM-AM, CHUM-FM, CHFI-FM and the brand new in '72 top 40 "Ted Rogers-TR" station  CF-"TR"-AM (not to mention my two older brothers record collections and my own vinyl collection) molded much of my love for well crafted Pop, Folk/Rock and Rock music!! This list is not restricted to artists only from 1972, so don't feel the need to point that out... This is the list of what I was listening to that summer and what has continued to influence my musical tastes since that summer. The music I listened to in 1972 Kicked ASS!!


Just look at this list!! A banner year to be sure!!


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